Having spread as far as they could on their own continent, soldiers of the mighty Saul’Oman Empire landed on the shores of Tu’Linari. They quickly conquered the small coastal kingdom of Eleinia, building the port city of Trinity’s Hope as a symbol of the Church of the Son’s authority and expression of hope the Empire would succeed in converting the heathens of Tu’Linari. From there they crossed Eleinian Barrier mountains and invaded the Temalok Desert, ruthlessly slaughtering the elves of the low desert and enslaving the few who claimed conversion. It took 10 years to claim the desert, but even now travel is only dared in significant numbers.

The lands of Rokania are held by various human clans and well protected from attacking armies trying to cross east over the Shan’ri Mountains from the low desert. The Empire may have easily been repelled here if not for the fact the Rokanians worshiped the same god, but with only minor ceremonial differences. The astute Rokanians saw the opportunity for increased wealth trading with the Empire and struck a bargain allowing them into their borders without a battle and a few concessions. After the Empire’s advance was halted by the combined armies of the east at the Rainbow River, it didn’t take long for the Empire to try and force the Rokanians to their orthodoxy. The Rokanians would have none of it. After several brutal rebellions interrupted the flow of missionaries across the Rainbow River into the east, wiser heads prevailed and for now the Church of the Son is willing to allow their hosts to worship the Son as they wish.

It is into this world Geric Freewater is born. The son of a wealthy bureaucrat stationed in Trinity’s Hope, Geric’s womanizing (particularly the seduction of several peers’ daughters) finally embarrasses the elder Freewater beyond toleration and he disowns Geric at the age of 22. Angry, but not devoid of love for his son, he provides him only with the family sword. With no money or estate, Geric joins the crew of a merchant ship. Several years later he meets Kara and falls in love, putting behind him his gallivanting ways getting married and producing a daughter and son, Eleise and Nero.

Ten years later upon returning from a voyage he found his village burning and over run with the risen dead. The sight of his children’s walking corpses drove him mad and he fled leaving the Church soldiers dispatched to fight the infestation. Geric slipped back into the ways of his youth. He started brawling and drinking. Plagued by the loss of his family he got so drunk he blacked out and awoke on a ship he did not know. The crew spoke of him having nightmares often. His nightmares and waking prison continued until his ship was driven onto the rocky shores during a storm leaving him the lone survivor.

On that beach, once again, his life began anew.

Buried Memories